Jordan Westbrook One Take II “Shattered Backboard” 2021 New Arrival CW2457-108

Jordan Westbrook One Take II “Shattered Backboard” 2021 New Arrival CW2457-108


Air Jordan Shoes 2021.The classic is back! Dunk backboard theme! New color matching of Westbrook team shoes exposed! Based on Westbrook's fourth-generation signature shoes as a model for team shoes, the Jordan Westbrook One Take II appearance design is not inferior to the main line. The branch style Jordan Westbrook One Take based on Westbrook's third-generation signature shoes is also sharp and sporty. The Quai 54 Streetball Tournament held in France is an annual streetball event. Thanks to the sponsorship of Jordan Brand, exclusive products will be released every year, and it has become a must-wait new product series for sneaker players every year.
2021 Jordan Shoes, a Jordan Westbrook One Take II with the theme of dunking rebounds was revealed. The upper is composed of white and orange color blocks, supplemented by black lines to outline the outline of the shoe body, presenting the classic "smashing backboard" color scheme. In terms of material, a large area of ​​canvas and leather are combined, and the upper has a rich texture, which brings better comfort and protection. The front label of the tongue adopts a naked eye 3D effect design, which brings a special visual effect. The anti-torsion piece of the midsole of the sneaker is decorated with colorful graffiti patterns, adhering to the consistent dazzling effect of the Wei Shao series sneakers.
Currently, this Jordan Westbrook One Take II is officially on sale, priced at US$88. Interested friends may wish to click the link to purchase. There are also higher and newer styles for you to choose from in the store. This link: Jordan Westbrook One Take II, Item No.: CW2457-108



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