iPatriot Updates

The intent of this blog is to attempt to keep you all updated and in the know as we make changes to the platform over time.


Periodically, we will give update information here on this blog post. The future of the platform and it's success depends on YOU, the American Patriot. We are constantly working behind the scenes to make your experience here as easy and conveient as possible. The other large social media sites offer a lot of bells and whistles, as will ours, but they have millions of dollars and huge corporate sponsors and tons of engineers working around the clock to provide what they do. We have you, the American patriot. Our desire is to provide a censor free, 1st Amendment home for all of you. If you have opinions, post them here. Thank you for becoming members. 

11/22/2020 - **ANDROID APP**

*We are currently offering the app for iPatriot to reward our Patreon members. Without whom, we could not have been able to bring this wonderful app to you. The app is in beta and is being tested by a small control group currently. Nothing but rave reviews thus far from our group so I can report that the app will be available to any members that have an existing account and that have an adroid phone this coming week!

*The android app comes with built in messenger service so that you can stay in touch with friends and other group members in real time. Favorite features like "Dark Mode" and and changing backgrounds to profiles will be reflected on the app. The app will be released exclusively here on the platform first, then will be available on the Playstore soon after.

*iPhone app will be worked on after the android app is released on the Playstore. The IOS app requires more attention and more money to provide what Apple users have come to expect. Not to worry, it will be availble hopefully by the end of this year.



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